Learning Guides

All learning guides have experience and are certified in the education field and have been rigorously selected from both a local and global talent pool. They have been trained extensively on the Waad Method and receive specialist support throughout their tenure.


We recruit, train and support highly qualified and capable international and local teachers who are not just teachers in the traditional sense but “Learning Guides”.

Waad teachers do not merely pass on knowledge but instead act as guides to learning and success. They encourage a deep sense of responsibility in our learners and foster a shared sense of progress and achievement. It is because of this that our teachers are known as learning guides.

It is the prime
of the Learning


To serve as facilitators of effective and efficient learning rather than just content transmitters.


To help all learners develop a deep sense of responsibility for their own learning, progress and achievement.


To build a strong and productive relationship between the parents/guardians and the school so that the learner is supported at all times to develop his full potential.