Life at Waad

Environment plays a major role in learning and the Waad Method pays close attention to its design and construction. Our Academy are all purpose-built to foster a range of skills from collaboration, self expression, interactive and experiential learning, and of course fun for learners of every age.​

Waad Academy Campus Tour


Campus Environment: The learning environment plays a major role in a holistic education. The Waad Academy campus has been specially-designed and purpose-built to inspire holistic learning and encourage fun. The campus has a fully equipped sporting complex, a Junior FiFa certified football field, half size swimming pool, playgrounds, climbing wall and outdoor fields for both boys and girls among other facilities.

Innovative Buildings: The Academy’s brand new innovative facility offers unique features such as slides as an express route to the ground floor, especially themed areas of the building, a Interactive Knowledge Center and Mac Labs. A tailored technological infrastructure that supports every aspect of school life.

Learning Labs: With more than 20 labs spread throughout the campus main building, experiential learning can be accomplished inside our home improvement rooms, our science labs, arts and crafts and Mac labs.

Interactive Knowledge Center (IKC): Your children can expand their horizons in our fully equipped interactive knowledge center that has a junior and senior library with online and offline resources, study rooms, reading stations, and group work rooms.

The Auditorium: A classic proscenium stage that invites up to 1,000 attendees to view the masterpiece theatre conducted by our learners.

Outdoor Areas: Outdoor areas actively encourage learners to express themselves creatively and be inspired by each other, while playing and enjoying their time with their peers.


Sports Complex: A fully equipped indoor sporting complex that caters for badminton, handball, volley ball, table tennis, five-a-side football, gymnastics, mix martial arts.

Gymnastics: Is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance and control.

Basketball: Your sons and daughters learner will play on indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Football (Soccer): All learners will have the chance to play on a Junior FIFA qualified field.

Tennis: Professional grade tennis courts are available in both campuses.

Climbing: An indoor rock climbing wall within the sports complex.


Educational Trips: We will have education trips where learners will have the opportunity to further expand their horizons, develop their character, learn about different industries to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Students Clubs: In order to refine learner’s educational experience and give them plenty of room for creativity and learning through their own experiences, we will establish a set of clubs that cater to different interests where learners will be able to run multiple experiments and learn from them.

Extracurricular Activities: All our students will be provided with a range of extended and after school activities to enhance their development. A wide range of fun learning, skills developing and projectbased activities will be available for our students that are delivered through projects.